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Introduction : Escalera Technologies
Who We Are ?
Conceptualized in the year 2008, Escalera Technologies has been imparting quality IT Education to students and Professionals looking to learn new technologies or seeking a career in IT. Our Founder Mr. Amit Srivastava has more than thirteen years of experience in Web Application Development, Enterprise Application Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Business Analytics, Data Analytics and Digital Marketing Domain. He is Founder & CEO of Infocorp. He has worked at Cognizant for 6+ years. He has also worked in US for 2+ years. Amit has done one year Business Analytics Program from IIM Lucknow and Kelley School of Business, Indiana University. After resigning from Cognizant he started working full time for his startups - Infocorp, EscaleraTechnologies.com & ApnaPropertyWala.com His brother Ankit Srivastava supports him in all training and operational activities pertaining to Escalera. Ankit is BTech from Lingaya's Institute of Tech, Faridabad and is a having 6+ years of web development and digital marketing experience.
What will we teach ?
Web Application Development, Enterprise Application Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Business Analytics, Data Analytics and Digital Marketing
How will we teach ?
We are open to anyone interested in forming a rock solid career. We take classroom classes in Lucknow such as 'Digital Marketing Training in Lucknow' and online classes for students across the globe.
An ongoing Digital Marketing Training class in Lucknow
Here is a real photo of an ongoing Digital Marketing Training Class. We also want to congratulate our Student Mr Deependra on his placement.

Ultimate Web Master Course

Classroom training offered in Lucknow. Online (through online sharing tools) classes could be accessed from anywhere.
Client Side: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Server Side: ASP.NET, C#
Database Server: MS SQL Server

Advanced Internship Program

New Internship program launched for second year, third year and fourth year students in BTech, BCA & MCA.
Internship will cover:
Training: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET, C# and MS SQL

Basic Web Designing

This course includes basic web designing theory and hands on sessions. The following topics are covered: HTML, Advanced HTML, CSS and Javascript. The Tools taught in this basic web designing course are:
MS Frontpage,

Our Mission

To work as a world-class research, development and training organization in the fields of Information Technology, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics and other related Science & Engineering Streams.

Industries are in continuous hunt for talented and skilled personnel. Escalera focuses on three areas mainly, i.e Training , Education and Development


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Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing ? Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands with the help of one or more forms of digital media. Experts believe that one must…
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Outbound and Inbound Marketing Training

Outbound and Inbound Marketing Training by Escalera Technologies is a Job Oriented course on live projects of digital marketing, branding and promotion. We will teach you starting from the scratch…
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What is Encapsulation in C# ?

To understand what encapsulation means, it can be considered as “surrounding” an entity, to keep and protect whatever is inside the surrounding. It has a similar concept in programming as…
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What is Recursion in C#?

A method that calls itself is called a recursive method. Calculating the factorial of a number is One of the tasks that can be solved using recursion. In Maths,  Factorial…
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Web Development Frameworks basics

Frameworks are software packages that complete the need of various types of backend requirements of a system internally. Most importantly, designers are not required to develop this backend functionality. An…
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Dotnet Self Review Questions – Part 4

1. wholesale jerseys What was your last project. Describe it. 2. How you managed Review sessions in that. 3. How you published your web application. 4. What are Review the…
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Dotnet Self Review Questions – Part 3

1. 1 What are web-parts? 2. Differentiate between web-parts and custom controls. 3. What is Local an interface? 4. Differentiate between a structure and a class. 5. What are delegates?…
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Dotnet Self Review Questions – Part 2

1. What was your last project? wholesale NBA jerseys Explain it. 2. Show any three four cheap jerseys from China related tables in your & project? 3. Have Любовная you…
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Dotnet Self Review Questions – Part 1

1. What type of objects can we add to a GridView Control? 2. What are Joins? 3. Difference between stored Procedures and functions? 4. How to define a forein key…
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C#(sharp) program to explain ‘indexers’

This is a sample program in C#(sharp) : The get and set accessors can be used for  defining an indexer. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks;…
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How to transfer a local MySql Database to Hosting Server

A local MySql database is used for locally hosted website and web development as discussed in the previous articles. Why MySql ? MySql is opensource. MySql queries are as simple…
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Important Tools for PHP Website Development

In this article we will discuss about some important tools for PHP Website Development. PHP website can be developed and tested locally ( using desktop or laptop computer ). PHP…
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Advantage of a CMS over basic html website for SEO

If you are planning to build a basic website for your / client’s organization you can always go for a CMS ( Content Management System ) rather than a website…
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Getting Started with Bootstrap – Day 1

Testing Popup <html> <head> <title>This is my title</title> <meta charset=”utf-8″> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″> <meta name=”description” content=”This is my website’s description”> <!– Latest compiled and minified CSS…
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Constants and there use in PHP

Constants Constants are like variable but they cannot be changed or undefined after they’ve been defined. Begin the name of your constant with a letter or an underscore. To create…
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How to Read or Parse JSON data in PHP

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. Let’s have a look at an example JSON Output (From Railway API) “train_num”: “12429”, “from_station”: {         “code”: “LKO”,         “name”:…
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Getting Sitelink Searchbox of your website in Google SERP

Google Sitelink searchbox is the search box which is dedicated to a particular website. It is placed inside the Sitelink results of any website when users search it’s name in…
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Array Methods in C-Sharp

Useful Methods to Return values in Arrays Here are the available methods to get values in an array. Max returns the largest value. Min returns the smallest value. Sum returns…
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Operator Overloading in C#

Many operators in C# can be overloaded, it means that they can be redefined for custom actions. For example, you can redefine the action of the plus (+) operator in…
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Using Foreach Loop to Access an Array

Here lets create an array of Fruits (of same data type string) Name of Our Array is mystrArray and it has 5 elements.   string[] mystrArray = new string[] {…
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Providing Initial Values to an Array

This post is helpful if the task is : Providing Initial Values to an Array. When an array is declared by using curly brackets we can provide initial values to…
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What are Arrays in C# (Sharp)? Part 1

C# has  various classes that are built-in and they can store and manipulate data. An example of such a class is the Array class. In order to store a collection…
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Use of Logical Operator AND in C# (C-Sharp)

Let’s consider this example to understand the Usage of AND operator. AND operator is written as ‘&&’ two ampersands. It is used for getting results only if all the conditions…
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Sum of Two Numbers in Php

A Simple method to take user input and calculate the sum of two numbers in php is given below : First Create an HTML Form with two text input fields…
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“Escalera” meaning of Spanish Word

Escalera is a word from Spanish origin. Meaning of Escalera is “LADDER” something that escalates. Escalera word is use to form the word “Escalator”. Escalators are automatic ladders installed in…
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Website Development Training Lucknow

Most of the business now a days require a website for providing information, notifications, services, etc. to customers. Many Entrepreneurs require a website as a business idea. A Web Application…
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Example of Protected Access Modifier in C(#) Sharp

A Protected Access modifier is almost like the Private Access Modifier but with a difference that Protected access modifier can be accessed only from a derived class. class Human{ protected…
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Working with Strings in C# Programming | C# Training

Lets Create a String and name it ‘x’ string x = “good text”; Console.WriteLine(x.Length); // x.Length will return the length of String, it will count spaces  as well. //Outputs 9…
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Inheritance and its importance in C(#)Sharp Programing

Inheritance It can be defined as an “Is – A” relationship. A Class has Parameters and Methods. There can be another class with same parameters as the Main class. In…
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Data Analysis Course

In this course we will teach you the principles of Data Analysis in conjunction with Business Analytics using advanced tools like :

Programming Languages

Core Java and Advance Java

Learn all the fundamentals of Core and Advance Java. Special Internship Projects / Final Year Projects

C and C++
Learn all the fundamentals of C and C++.

Web Development

Intermediate Level Web Module :
This Web Development course includes ASP.Net or PHP Technologies for Server Side Programming and UI designing through these technologies. It covers all the fundamentals of MS SQL Server or

From The Blog

  • What are destructors in C #

    What are destructors in C # In C # Class is instantiated when Constructors are used but when an Object of a Class is deleted Class Destructors are automatically invoked. There can be only one destructor for a class. A Destructor is not called / cannot be called, it is invoked automatically. A Destructor cannot be modified using modifiers A Destructor cannot have parameters A Destructor Shares same name with the Class but a “ ~ ”  TILDE is used with it Let’s see an example: Classname | ~Classname Example Program in C# class Person { public Person() { Console.WriteLine(“This is a Constructor”); } ~Person()Read More →

  • Calculating Sum of All Elements in an Array

    We can use this code to Calculate Sum of All Elements in array We can use FOREACH Loop for this task. int[ ] arr = {13, 36, 63, 556, 990}; int sum = 0; foreach (int a in arr) { sum += a; } Console.WriteLine(sum); //This Code Outputs :  “1658” Because 13 + 36 + 63 + 556 + 990 = 1658. // Our Array ‘arr’ has 5 elements. Sum is initialized with value ‘0’. // We are adding values of integer ‘a’ from the array to the variable sum for all values of ‘a’ Share Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Google+Read More →

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