What are destructors in C #

What are destructors in C #

What are destructors in C #

In C # Class is instantiated when Constructors are used but when an Object of a Class is deleted Class Destructors are automatically invoked.

  • There can be only one destructor for a class.
  • A Destructor is not called / cannot be called, it is invoked automatically.
  • A Destructor cannot be modified using modifiers
  • A Destructor cannot have parameters

A Destructor Shares same name with the Class but a “ ~ ”  TILDE is used with it

Let’s see an example:

Classname | ~Classname

Example Program in C#

class Person
public Person() {
Console.WriteLine(“This is a Constructor”);
~Person() {
Console.WriteLine(“This is a Destructor”);
static void Main(string[] args) {
Person Rajat = new Person();
/*Outputs Will Be
This is a Constructor
This is a Destructor

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