Dotnet Self Review Questions – Part 1

Dotnet Self Review Questions – Part 1

1. What type of objects can we add to a GridView Control?
2. What are Joins?
3. Difference between stored Procedures and functions?
4. How to define a forein key within a Trends DataSet?
5. Difference wholesale jerseys between DataReader and DataSet?
6. Can stored procedures return tables? If not then how?
7. How can we add a cheap nfl jerseys dropdown list to a GridView Control?
8. What is a ViewState?
9. What is a session Object?
10. Difference between cheap jerseys classic ASP and ????? ASP.NET?
11. What are key-value pairs? Can we access contraer arrays through it?
12. Difference between Char and Varchar?
13. What cheap jerseys is GAC?
14. How many types cheap mlb jerseys of Assemblies are there?

  • Dotnet Self Review Questions – Part 1

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