In this article we will discuss about some important tools for PHP Website Development. PHP website can be developed and tested locally ( using desktop or laptop computer ). PHP is a server side scripting language and hence a local OR web server is needed to test and run a PHP website. Most widely used web server for php is Apache. Most of the web applications are incomplete without a database. You will see millions of developer using MySql as their preferred database with PHP and lastly you have to download an install PHP. In this article we are discussing about installing and running phpRead More →

You can use following code to print any statement in php. Start your Php Code using – <?php //end it using – ?> Any php function, statement, declaration etc goes between the starting and ending tags. Lets Print – “Hello World” in your browser using php. <?php echo “Hello World”; // echo is used to print any statement or value in php. ?> Copy and paste the code in your .php file to run.Read More →