Explain the number of ways in which a parameter can be passed to a method ? Parameters can be passed to a method in following three ways : Output Parameters − If the goal is to return more than one value. Value Parameters − In This method the actual value of an argument is copied into the formal parameter of the function. If changes are made to the parameter inside the function there is no effect on the argument. Reference Parameters − The reference to the memory location of an argument is copied into the formal parameter.Argument is affected by the alterations made to theRead More →

What are destructors in C # In C # Class is instantiated when Constructors are used but when an Object of a Class is deleted Class Destructors are automatically invoked. There can be only one destructor for a class. A Destructor is not called / cannot be called, it is invoked automatically. A Destructor cannot be modified using modifiers A Destructor cannot have parameters A Destructor Shares same name with the Class but a “ ~ ”  TILDE is used with it Let’s see an example: Classname | ~Classname Example Program in C# class Person { public Person() { Console.WriteLine(“This is a Constructor”); } ~Person()Read More →

We can use this code to Calculate Sum of All Elements in array We can use FOREACH Loop for this task. int[ ] arr = {13, 36, 63, 556, 990}; int sum = 0; foreach (int a in arr) { sum += a; } Console.WriteLine(sum); //This Code Outputs :  “1658” Because 13 + 36 + 63 + 556 + 990 = 1658. // Our Array ‘arr’ has 5 elements. Sum is initialized with value ‘0’. // We are adding values of integer ‘a’ from the array to the variable sum for all values of ‘a’Read More →

Variables c sharp

Variables c sharp A “variable” is created in C # programming to reserve a location in memory space to store values. Variable as the name suggests has dynamic values. A variable has a Name and a Data Type. Data Type can be string, integer, double, float etc. A Variable must be declared with its data type and then can be used in the program. Variable are used to perform logical operations. An Example of Variable Name is yourName , yourAge These are examples of Good Descriptive Variable Names. If we simply write mno OR pqr , variable will be declared but this is not aRead More →

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1. What type of objects can we add to a GridView Control? 2. What are Joins? 3. Difference between stored Procedures and functions? 4. How to define a forein key within a Trends DataSet? 5. Difference wholesale jerseys between DataReader and DataSet? 6. Can stored procedures return tables? If not then how? 7. How can we add a cheap nfl jerseys dropdown list to a GridView Control? 8. What is a ViewState? 9. What is a session Object? 10. Difference between cheap jerseys classic ASP and ????? ASP.NET? 11. What are key-value pairs? Can we access contraer arrays through it? 12. Difference between Char andRead More →