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on 31 Oct 2017 12:57 PM
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Frameworks are software packages that complete the need of various types of backend requirements of a system internally. Most importantly, designers are not required to develop this backend functionality.

An expert frontend designer can use these frameworks to develop and fulfill the backend requirements.

Frameworks are primarily of two types:

  1. Content Management System
  2. Application Management System

As a Content Management System Opensource scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. are the first choice. On the other hand as an Application Management System frameworks like Cakephp, Codeigniter, Laravel etc. are preferred.

Bankend Developer Requirements of Server Side can be easily completed with the use of these frameworks by a Frontend Designer. Learning many programming technologies will not be necessary for a developer in such case.

There are frameworks to meet the server side requirements and there are frameworks to meet the Client side requirements as well.

In order to control and be an expert in managing frontend design, one must have good knowledge of Client Side Technologies like HTML and CSS. Javascript is also a client side technology which has many frameworks of itself and all of them can be used in place of javascript itself.

jQuery, angular js, node js etc are various libraries and frameworks of javascript that can be used to take the frontend functionality to another level.

If you have a good knowledge of jQuery then you can easily understand the AJAX based dynamic requirement and codes.

For a Web Developer knowledge of these frameworks / libraries / languages is must:

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. Javascript based Jquery, angular js, node js etc.
  3. Php, Java or C#
  4. Codeigniter/ Laravel, Cakephp etc., Eclipse OR

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