By Team Escalera
on 31 Oct 2017 01:00 PM
  • MySQL

A local MySql database is used for locally hosted website and web development as discussed in the previous articles.

Why MySql ?

MySql is opensource.
MySql queries are as simple as writing a sentence to fetch data (after some practice).
MySql support community and user base is huge. You will get answers for almost any query on forums.

How to transfer MySql database ?

  • Go to your database or table after opening localhost/phpmyadmin.
  • In the tabs on the middle of screen you will see import and export database options.
  • Go to export and select default options select Sql option and click download.
  • You will get the zipped / compressed sql file your database.
  • Now keep this file and open yourserver/phpmyadmin from your web hosting.
  • Create a new database and assign a new user to this database and note down the credentials.
  • Similarly as above you have to select import option and upload the zipped file you saved earlier.
  • You database will now be available on the server.
  • If your hosting provider allows remote access on database, you will be able to connect your local application to hosting server’s database.

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