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In this article we will discuss about some important tools for PHP Website Development.


PHP website can be developed and tested locally ( using desktop or laptop computer ). PHP is a server side scripting language and hence a local OR web server is needed to test and run a PHP website. Most widely used web server for php is Apache. Most of the web applications are incomplete without a database. You will see millions of developer using MySql as their preferred database with PHP and lastly you have to download an install PHP.

In this article we are discussing about installing and running php in Windows Operating System.


We recommend using Software Tools like Xampp or Ampps for windows. These tools will automatically install the Apache Server, MySql database and default / root folder for creating php websites .

This is how a Xampp Control Panel Window Looks like :

A php page is saved as “.php” extension and unlike a .html page it needs web servers like Apache to run.

You can access and control your database using PhpMyAdmin.

Tools like Ampps & Xampp have auto installer scripts which can be used to install and run popular Opensource CMS like WordPress, Drupal etc.

These tools are also avaialable for MAC OS and Linuc OS.

A tool is available for Microsoft Visual Studio to Install and Run PHP with advanced Code Editors.

Why is A Code Editor Needed for PHP Website Development ?

IF you are looking for a Free Code Editor then you can install Notepad ++ . It is free of cost and does the job pretty well.

A Code editor displays the php code and html code with different colors for Html Tags, Php Variable, Php Tags, Html within php code, php within html code etc.  Color for different elements makes it easy for debugging, developing and testing the code. You can click on starting tag and the respective ending tag or loop will be highlighted  which makes coding hassle free.

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For File Transfer Protocol

You can use Filezilla for FTP operations. Using filezilla you can transfer your applications to web hosting and download code from web hosting space to your computer with Read, Write and modify permission control.



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