Arrays of characters is a good example to explain Strings in C#.  But actually Strings are Objects in C#. While declaring a string variable, an object of type “String”  is  instantiated. Various useful properties and methods are supported by String objects. Some examples are given below: Length –  To get the length of a string. Insert(index, value) To insert the desired value into the string where the stating / indexing point is specified.  IndexOf(value) to get the first index of the first occurrence of the value within the string. Remove(index) to remove all characters in the string after the specified index. Replace(oldValue, newValue) to replaceRead More →

To understand what encapsulation means, it can be considered as “surrounding” an entity, to keep and protect whatever is inside the surrounding. It has a similar concept in programming as well, here encapsulation has a wider meaning than combining the members together within a class; it has a function of access restriction to the inner workings of that class as well. Access modifiers implements Encapsulation. An access modifier defines the scope and visibility of a class member. Encapsulation is also termed as information hiding. C# supports the following access modifiers: public, private, protected, internal, protected internal. Example of Encapsulation : class Account { private doubleRead More →

A method that calls itself is called a recursive method. Calculating the factorial of a number is One of the tasks that can be solved using recursion. In Maths,  Factorial of a number x is denoted as x! and it is : For example:5! = 5*4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 120 It concludes that the factorial of any number can be calculated using number x number-1 and such that : number-1 reaches “1”. We can define our method based on the above conclusion and statement : static int Factorial(int number) { if (number == 1) { return 1; } return number *Read More →

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