A local MySql database is used for locally hosted website and web development as discussed in the previous articles. Why MySql ? MySql is opensource. MySql queries are as simple as writing a sentence to fetch data (after some practice). MySql support community and user base is huge. You will get answers for almost any query on forums. How to transfer MySql database ? Go to your database or table after opening localhost/phpmyadmin. In the tabs on the middle of screen you will see import and export database options. Go to export and select default options select Sql option and click download. You will getRead More →

In this article we will discuss about some important tools for PHP Website Development. PHP website can be developed and tested locally ( using desktop or laptop computer ). PHP is a server side scripting language and hence a local OR web server is needed to test and run a PHP website. Most widely used web server for php is Apache. Most of the web applications are incomplete without a database. You will see millions of developer using MySql as their preferred database with PHP and lastly you have to download an install PHP. In this article we are discussing about installing and running phpRead More →

If you are planning to build a basic website for your / client’s organization you can always go for a CMS ( Content Management System ) rather than a website with 5-6+ HTML Pages. Benefits of using a CMS for Basic website development with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind are as follows : A website with repeated html page templates ( in 5-6 basic pages like about us, faq, contact us etc.) take more space than a website with dynamic page template content. It means that the code within the <head> tag will be repeated for every page as every page will have uniqueRead More →